OEM Parts while replacing device parts

OEM Parts For Your Device

We Use OEM Parts For Your Device

We use OEM parts to repair your laptops if they are broken and needs replacement. Your device might not function efficiently after it has got broken during an accident or you have been using it for a while. In such cases, your laptop parts need replacement. You might think that doing so is simple since your repair shop handles everything, anyway. But the type of parts that your device will be repaired with can vary. While only a few handfuls of the shops will offer you New parts or OEM Parts, others will replace the faulty part with only a used part. At our Laptop service center we provide customers with originally manufactured equipment so that your device runs smoothly for longer times.

What do we mean by OEM?

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. In other words, the company who designed and made your equipment originally. When we supply you with the part, it comes with all the precision components – specified to meet the demands and operating conditions it will be subject to. Getting OEM Parts means you get the same part that originally came with your device or one that has been subsequently re-engineered to deliver even better performance.

So What are the Benefits of Using an Original Part?


When you are replacing a part in your laptop you want to have the confidence that the replacement is identical (or better) to what was there before, the OEM is the only one that can give you that confidence. All the parts that we use are created and tested to match the original specification and are sure to be of high-quality. They will be compatible with your equipment and perform according to factory specs.


When you approach OEM support engineers, it is reassuring that those engineers have access to the same engineering team that designed your equipment. Getting the OEM parts in your device from us gives you access to a wide variety of technical and engineering support. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff will be pleased to help you with all your needs.

Value and lifespan

When you replace parts in your machine, the expectation is that you will continue to get the performance that you expect. Here getting your device replaced by an OEM part will ensure a like for like replacement and therefore no degradation in performance. We thus use OEM so that your device will often last much longer than cheaper aftermarket parts due to the high-quality materials.


Perhaps one of the most important benefits you get with OEM spare parts is that many parts come with a manufacturer’s warranty. Should you receive your part with any defects, or if it’s faulty, get in touch with the authorized support and get it replaced free of cost.

Return on Investment

Quite simply, since the parts we supply are designed to fit and perform to factory specifications, it increases the life of your equipment. This will save you money, maintain performance and reduce downtime in the long run.

As a customer-oriented Laptop Service center in Kolkata, we’re here to help restore the functionality of your laptops while saving your money compared to replacing your device. If you are looking to take advantage of these five benefits, have further questions or want to know more about the services we offer, now is a great time to give our team a call.


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