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Laptop Screen Replacement In Kolkata

Best Laptop Screen Repair Service in Kolkata

A dying or cracked display doesn’t mean your laptop is a paperweight. Usually, people know what happened to their laptop to cause the screen to break, and other times it’s a mystery. As well a “broken” screen is not always a broken screen as they might think. The most obvious evidence of a broken screen is cracked glass or clear signs of physical damage to your screen. Most of these issues are due to normal usage and can be easily solved with a few manual tweaks. Laptop display problems can make you very concerned because laptop screen replacement in Kolkata may seem difficult. This, however, will not be the case with our reliable Laptop display screen repair service in Kolkata. Call Us and Fix your laptop screen now at the most reasonable cost from our Laptop Service Center in Kolkata!

laptop screen replacement in Kolkata

Common Laptop Screen Problems That Needs Screen Replacement

Repair Laptop Screen Showing Multi-Colored Lines Issue

Sometimes when you use a Laptop you might get to see those annoying multi-colored lines on your screen. These lines will obviously affect the display and slow down your work process. However, although this issue is often caused by faults in the internal components or due to problems in signal cable and can be fixed simply by troubleshooting or fixing the cable. Nonetheless, a faulty display screen can also be the biggest cause of it. If even after troubleshooting the Multi-colored lines remains then you will need to do your Laptop’s screen replacement of your to fix the screen problem. At Laptop Service Center Kolkata we have proficient technicians to get your screen to be back as new. So Call Now And Get Your Laptop’s screen repaired from us.

Repair Laptop Cracked Screen Issue

It doesn’t matter if the Laptop has a sturdily built body or is built for heavy and rugged use. No matter what the manufacturer promises, a Laptop is, after all, a fragile device which is susceptible to many accidental damages. The most common of which is the damaged screen. Sometimes, the Crack or Break in the screen can be seen, and sometimes it cannot be seen with the naked eye unless you are working and notice an anomaly in the display. The only solution to a broken Laptop screen is to get the screen replaced. We are the best Laptop Service Center in Kolkata for this job of replacing a laptop screen. Call Us Now to avail the Best Laptop Screen Replacement service in Kolkata.

Repair Laptop Screen Pixels Defect Issue 

Defective or malfunctioning pixels can also cause screen problems thereby prompting for a screen replacement to be done. Pixels are usually minute areas of illumination in the display and defects occur when there are dead pixels and bright or malfunctioning pixels in the display area. Dead pixels are ones that do not light up and appear as a tiny black square on the screen. These defects can only be combated through Screen Replacement of your Laptop. Therefore, if you are facing similar troubles that you can contact us and get your Laptop’s Screen Replacement from our Laptop Service Center in Kolkata.

Repair Fuzzy or Blurry Picture Issue

While Using a Laptop you might feel like the display is showing Fuzzy or Blurry unclear pictures with distorted colors or lines on the screen. In such cases the cause behind the blurry screen although can often be a problem in the display driver software or in the system BIOS. However, most of the times the problem is due to a defective screen that needs replacement. At our Laptop service center in Kolkata, we provide the best Laptop Screen Replacement. So Call Us or Live chat with us to get the best Laptop Screen Replacement in Kolkata

Repair Reduced Screen Brightness Issue (Dim Display)

Often users face the problem where the screen’s brightness reduces and over time the LCD and plasma screens fade or dim. In extreme cases, the Screen might become completely Black and Blue or blank. In such cases, the only way to diagnose this problem is by getting your Laptop screen replaced. You can contact our Laptop Service Center in Kolkata for your Laptop’s Screen Replacement.

Repair Laptop Screen Blackouts (No Display)

This is one of the most common and most frustrating problems that every laptop user has faced and still faces. Screen Blackout even when your laptop is not dead is can be really annoying however this can be easily fixed once we get the cause of the screen blackout. A screen blackout can be caused either by faults in the internal components like the motherboard or can be due to screen damage. In case of the Screen damage, you can contact our Laptop Service Center in Kolkata and get the Laptop Screen Replacement done in no time.

laptop screen repair in Kolkata

Laptop Screen Replacement Cost In Kolkata

Finding the best Laptop service center in Kolkata would not be difficult as there are hundreds and thousands of Laptop repair centers available all over the city offering different quality of services at different costs, including Laptop screen replacement. So if you are looking for the cost of  laptop screen replacement in Kolkata you should keep these three things in mind:

Cost Of  Laptop Screen Replacement  in Kolkata: From Authorized Service Center

If you are willing to get a Laptop display screen replacement done from the authorized service center then you can easily assume the cost to be high since it has the word “authorized” before it. However, not necessarily these service centers will provide you the best replacement service just because they are authorized. Here are some demerits

Cost of repairing from an authorized service center is too high

No warranty or guarantee is given after repair

They only claim their spare parts to be Genuine, but no proof it is the original component they are using. 

You are not allowed to interact directly with the technician so no repair transparency. 

It is therefore obvious that just because you took service from an authorized center doesn’t mean you will get the quality of Laptop repair you deserve. 

Cost Of  Laptop Screen Replacement in Kolkata: From Local Repair Shops

Unlike the authorized repair centers these shops can be shown a green light in terms of Cost. Yes, the local laptop repairing shops in Kolkata, especially in a place like Chandni Chowk will give you screen replacement service at a much lower cost but will not be able to give you the best quality repair for your Laptop. Here are some problems with local repairing shops

Cheap Cost of Repair but modern high-quality repair tools are not available for the best repair

Poor infrastructure may damage your Laptop’s health further. For instance: local shops usually don’t have dust proof lab which can damage internal components of your laptop when opened. 

Although cheap cost, it is therefore also prominent that getting a repairing service from a local shop can compromise your Laptop’s health in the long run. 

Cost Of Laptop Screen Replacement in Kolkata: From   Service Center in Kolkata

At our  Laptop Service Center in Kolkata, we are the best third party Laptop Service providers who can provide doorstep Laptop screen replacement service at your home. As per the laptop servicing cost, we provide the best laptop repair in Kolkata at a low cost. We provide laptop servicing at a price that is cheaper than any authorized service center but with a quality that is almost like an authorized one. 

We provide laptop repair servicing at a budget cost.

We offer manufacturer quality spare part

We offer Doorstep laptop repair at your Home anywhere in Kolkata

Free pickup and delivery service to all places in Kolkata area. 

We resolve all kinds of issues in your laptop including laptop screen replacement anywhere in Kolkata. You can thus contact us to book a technician. 

laptop display repair in Kolkata

We Repair Laptop Screen Problems of Some Top Brands

HP Laptop Screen Replacement :
LCD display screens on notebook computers are made of two thin layers of glass with dark liquid crystal material in between. The glass is covered on the outside by a layer of plastic. Customers often feel that there cannot be a broken LCD display because they cannot feel the break. However, cracks in the glass usually cannot be felt because the plastic covering rarely breaks or fractures. When the LCD display glass is broken lines or patterns might appear on the screen, Black “spots” might also appear. This can be liquid crystal material spilling out of a crack. If you have a cracked or broken LCD screen, visit your nearest professional to have your HP notebook screen replacement. Self-repair is not recommended.

Get all kinds of HP laptop repair in Kolkata
You can find the Authorized HP laptop service center in Kolkata here.

Dell Laptop Screen Replacement :
No matter how careful you are, accidents can happen. If you happen to crack or break the LCD screen on your Dell Notebook, you will have to cover the cost of repair yourself. Repair your LCD laptop screen now at best affordable cost. You can easily fix the problem at with our Dell laptop screen replacement service at a reasonable cost. 

Get all kinds of Dell laptop repair in Kolkata
You can find the Authorized Dell laptop service center in Kolkata here

Acer Laptop Screen Replacement :
Whether it’s cracked or has one too many blown pixels, a broken laptop display can stop you dead in your tracks. But with the right tools, a little technical know-how, and a bit of patience you can replace a damaged laptop LCD display. You can easily fix the problem at with our Acer laptop screen replacement service at a reasonable cost.

Get all kinds of Acer laptop repair in Kolkata
You can find the Authorized Acer laptop service center in Kolkata here

Lenovo Laptop Screen Replacement :
One of the most common problems with laptops is damage to the screen. Unlike desktops, we all carry our laptops from place-to-place, so it’s no wonder that screen damage happens so often. Problems faced with a broken screen is either your laptop screen has a crack in it or is shattered so when you hit the power button on your laptop, LED lights to turn on, but there is no image on the screen. You can easily fix the problem at with our Lenovo laptop screen replacement service at a reasonable cost. 

Get all kinds of Lenovo laptop repair in Kolkata
You can find the Authorised Lenovo Laptop service center in Kolkata

Asus Laptop Screen Repair :
One of the main reasons people visit our site is because they have a laptop with a broken screen and it needs to be replaced. A broken screen should only be referred to as broken when there are signs of physical damage. A screen with physical damage will have broken glass or black splotches on the display, like ink. You can easily fix the problem at with our Asus laptop screen replacement service at a reasonable cost. 

Get all kind of Asus laptop repair in Kolkata
You Can find the Authorized Asus Laptop service center in Kolkata

Toshiba Laptop Screen Repair :
A defective screen is one that is not working properly or not at all, without any clear signs of physical damage to the screen. Some examples can be distorted images or coloring, pixelization, resolution lines, backlight issues or a blank screen. You can easily fix the problem at with our Toshiba laptop screen replacement service at a reasonable cost. 

Fujitsu Laptop Screen Replacement :
Damaging the screen on your laptop can put you in a difficult situation. It just becomes a large pain and very inconvenient. You have to scroll around your document, email, web page, etc., just to see everything you want to. Assuming you are no longer under warranty, it creates a difficult decision of whether to replace the laptop or fix it. You can easily fix the problem at with our Fujitsu laptop screen replacement service at a reasonable cost.

Apple Laptop Screen Repair :
To know if your laptop screen is broken, first check it works on an external If that fails, shine a torch onto the screen, as it may be the backlight/inverter. If you do see a faint image, then its time to take the bezel off, and see if the screen is led, or LCD. If its LCD then check/test the inverter. If its LED, then chances are its the backlight. Replacing the screen in this instance is the easiest method for repairing. You can easily fix the problem at with our Apple MacBook laptop screen replacement service at a reasonable cost.

Get all kind of Apple Laptop repair in Kolkata
You can find the Authorized MacBook laptop repair service center in Kolkata Here

Other Laptops Display Repair Service: 

Dropping a computer is a serious and potentially expensive error. It is also rather common, especially with laptops. To protect their investments, most businesses have a warranty on their equipment, but most standard coverage plans don’t offer free repairs for dropped equipment. You can still get over this by getting your damaged screen repaired of any Laptops including Samsung, HCL and others at an inexpensive cost.

Why Choose Us? 

Free Pick Up & Delivery 

We offer doorstep services from free pick up to free on-time delivery so that your device can reach you safely. Our professional and highly trained delivery professionals take utmost care to transit your device with maximum protection so that it reaches you without even a scratch.

Certified Engineers

We are the only laptop service center in Kolkata who offer trained and certified engineers who can handle your device and give you solutions as required.

Dustfree Lab

Dust can affect your device motherboard or other parts inside if not opened in a dust free environment. At our laptop service center, we offer 100% clean and dustfree lab to offer maximum protection to your device.

Parts Protection

Our service workshops are fully equipped with surveillance cameras to capture every detail of the ongoing work. This keeps your device under surveillance so that no parts are misplaced.

Efficient Customer Care

We believe in transparency, so stay connected with our customer support as long as your device is with us. Our team will update you time to time about the ongoing work. You can also reach us in case of any queries.

On-Time Delivery

Get On Time delivery at your doorstep so that not having your laptop or mobile with you don’t put your daily life at a halt.

Quality Service 

Fixing your device with certified engineers to guaranteed parts protection and doorstep delivery, we offer services that are ahead of all our competitors.

Inexpensive Charges

We are the only laptop service center in Kolkata to offer premium service at a cost that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Visit Our Workshop In Kolkata

In case you are seeking to opt for the traditional method of visiting a repair workshop for getting your Laptop screen replaced You can always come and visit us at:

Laptop Service Center 

Shop No: 325, 3rd Floor, 

6, Chittaranjan Avenue, Chandni Chowk, 

Kolkata, West Bengal 700072

Other Services That We Offer 

Laptop Battery Replacement

Laptop Battery Replacement If your device is powering on but won’t hold a charge or not powering on at all.

Laptop Keyboard Replacement

Sometimes one or more keys of our laptop keyboard become unresponsive, fix it now.

Laptop Motherboard Repair

Laptop Motherboard Repair Sign Of mother Needs Repair or Servicing or Replacement if it fails to boot or shows Blue screen errors.

Laptop Chip Level Repair

Laptop Chip Level Repair among the only a handful of people do in Kolkata.

Laptop Hinge Repair

Laptop Hinge Repair when you need help with your laptop’s broken hinge? The cracked or loose hinge of your laptop screen is problematic. Fix it now.

Data Recovery

Data Recovery to retrieve all the lost files as we all know How images file and video are important to us.

Laptop AMC

Laptop AMC services in Kolkata if you run an office and you need AMC.

RAM Replacement

Change or Upgrade your RAM to get the fastest lag-free performance of your Laptop.

Virus & Malware Removal

Remove Virus & Malware from your Laptop in Kolkata and Keep your device healthy

Liquid Damage Repair

Get Repair for Water damage issues or Liquid Damage issues of your laptop in Kolkata

Laptop Body Repair

Laptop Body repair services in case of any accidental physical damage of the laptop

Adapter Replacement

Replace the faulty adapter of your laptop in Kolkata and keep your device at its best condition.


1. Do You Provide Home Service Across Kolkata?

Yes, We Provide Home Service Across Kolkata, Greater Kolkata, And Howrah. Also, We Give The Best Quality Repair Or Replacement Services For All Brands Like Hp, Dell, Macbook, Acer, Asus, Lenovo, Samsung, Microsoft Surface, Etc. And All Models.

2. What Is Your Inspection Charge?

Our Inspection Charge For Any Kind Of Laptops Or Smartphones Except Macbook Is 250. But The Best Part Is If You Take Services From Us Then We Never Take Any Inspection Cost.

3. Is Your Service Center Open On Sunday?

Yes, Our Repair Service Center Open On Sunday. We Always Think About Our Valuable Customers Because We All Know That Sunday Is Convenient For All

4. Do You Provide Screen Warranty?

Warranty On Replacement Parts Are Subject To Declaration Of The Manufacturer Company Provides Warranty On Selected Repair Job For Motherboard Repair. We Do Not Provide Repair On Cpu Section Repair, Burnt Laptops, Gpu Section Repair, Water Damage Repair, Etc. Given Warranty Can Be Void Under Certain Terms And Conditions.

5. How Much Time Do Laptop Repair Centres In Kolkata Take To Replace A Laptop Screen?

The Average Minimum Inspection Time Or Repair Time We Take Is 24 Hours. Because Our Engineers Or Technicians Take Some Time To Inspect Your Device In A Proper Manner. Sometimes The Repair Timing Or Replacement Timing Is Also Exceeds And It All Depends On Which Kinds Of Devices You Want To Repair Or Replace.

6.What Is The Average Cost To Replace A Laptop Screen?

The Cost Of Screen Is Vary According To Brands. Because We All Know That The Cost For Every Part Of Any Laptops Or Other Devices Are Different . But The Average Cost Of Screen Replacement Starting From 2500 Rs.

7. Will They Charge Me For Screen Replacement If My Computer Is Under The Warranty Period?

Yes, Definitely. We Will Charge For Any Kind Of Repair Or Replacement Services Which Is Under Warranty Or Not. Because We Give You The New Screen For Your Laptops. Also In Case Of Other Repair Services We Charge You Because We Are Not An Authorized Service Center But We Provide Best Quality Body Parts Or Repair Services In Kolkata.

8. Are You Provide The Original Laptop Screen?

Yes, We Provide The Oem Screen Or Other Parts For Any Kinds Of Laptops Or Other Devices.

9. What Are The Common Laptop Screen Related Problems Solved By Laptop Repair Service Center?

We Repair A Variety Of Issues At A Very Affordable Cost Like Repair Laptop Screen Showing Multi-colored Lines Issue, Cracked Screen Issue, Screen Pixels Defect Issue, Fuzzy Or Blurry Picture Issue, Reduced Screen Brightness Issue (Dim Display), Repair Laptop Screen Blackouts (No Display), Etc.

10. Will I Lose My Data If I Replace My Laptop Screen?

No, Not At All. Because The Screen Does Not Contain Any Data. So, If You Replace The Screen From Us It Does Not Affect The Data On The Laptop.

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  1. Doing a fabulous job. I got my desktop repaired in 1 day right on time as promised. I had a great experience. If you want to spend less money with long-lasting service, go for am working in graphics with my desktop. So, as soon as they got to know about my work they gave me graphical software installed in my system as a token. I promise that you will get best service all the time….I was having problem with my battery and heating….Got resolved completely…you will get good consultancy before providing the final output….don’t think…Just go for it…

  2. I love how they treat their customer, they are so caring, lovely and it’s such a pleasure to work with them. I’m really satisfied with the work, thanks. One should visit if u have any problem.easily repair the screen problem

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