Laptop hard drive replacement

Laptop Hard Drive Replacement In Kolkata

Laptop Hard Drive Replacement In Kolkata

In today’s modern world Laptop is one of the important gadgets which is almost used by everyone. It is a typical source of work. Therefore it gets frustrating when a Laptop does not work or gets broken. There are several repair centers in Kolkata which can easily repair your laptop but will charge a huge amount of money. So by following these basic steps, you can save yourself time and money while learning more about your Laptop. This Laptop Hard Drive Replacement guide will explain, step-by-step process on how to replace your laptop screen on your own.

Here are some of the guide for Laptop Hard Drive Replacement In Kolkata in Kolkata by Laptop service center Kolkata:

STEP 1Laptop Hard Drive Replacement guide

First of all, you need to buy or order a new Laptop Hard Drive for your existing Laptop.

Note: Make sure that before taking this step do check your Laptop warranty because if your Laptop is under warranty then working in it may void the warranty.


Laptop Hard Drive Replacement guide

  • Turn the computer over on its back so the battery compartment faces towards you.
  • Place your fingers on the small buttons with arrows pointing outwards.
  • Push and slide the buttons outward to unlock the battery compartment.


Laptop Hard Drive Replacement guide

Now grab the battery and pull it towards yourself. Remove the battery from your laptop back surface.


Laptop Hard Drive Replacement guide Use a screwdriver to unscrew the sixteen 0.6 mm screws on the back panel of your laptop.

STEP 5Laptop Hard Drive Replacement guide Flip over the laptop and open it so that the screen faces you.

STEP 6Laptop Hard Drive Replacement guide

  • Use a plastic opening tool and pry off the top panel using your fingers.
  • Pry the panel off starting at any one of the corners and then continue around the edges of the computer.

STEP 7Laptop Hard Drive Replacement guide

Be careful when you are lifting off the keyboard panel. There are multiple delicate cables connecting the panel to the motherboard.

Note: Pull up on the blue plastic tab connected by the white strip to unhook the keyboard panel from the motherboard.

STEP 8Laptop Hard Drive Replacement guide Flip up the small locking flap on the keyboard cable ZIF socket and disconnect the keyboard ribbon cable.

STEP 9Laptop Hard Drive Replacement guide

Pull up on the wire tab with the blue, white, black, and red wires to detach the speakers from the motherboard.

STEP 10Remove the top keyboard panel and then position your fingers on both sides of the hard drive in the bottom right corner of the computer.

Firmly push and slide the hard drive toward the right side of the laptop. Lift and remove the hard drive from the laptop and replace it with a new one.
Now reboot your laptop and check to see if the new Hard Drive is working or not, if not then ensure that you have reconnected the Hard Drive cable correctly and without damage.

If you are still experiencing issues with your laptop after all the guide for Laptop Hard Drive Replacement In Kolkata and you are not able to solve at home, visit your nearest service center in Kolkata. Our well certified expert technicians are well equipped to provide your laptop with the utmost care, so you enjoy your Laptop as soon as possible. We deal with all kind of models starting from HP, Dell, Lenovo, Acer, Asus, Samsung, Microsoft Surface, and MacBook. We provide chip-level service and also provide doorstep service all over Kolkata. For further inquiry just visit our website at Laptop service center Kolkata or call us at +91-9007198443.

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