How To Replace Asus U56E Laptop Screen

How To Replace Asus U56E Laptop Screen?

Asus U56E Laptop Screen Replacement

Introduction:  Looking for How To Replace Asus U56E Laptop Screen?-The Laptop Service Center in Kolkata is a trustworthy online place where you can repair any kind of laptop, MacBook, etc.  If you are facing any laptop or MacBook regarding issues like screen damage, dead battery issues, RAM issues, body damage, motherboard issues, hinge damage or broken, etc. then it’s the time to repair your device or replace the spare parts if required. We provide the laptop service for all brands from HP and Dell to even less known brands like Toshiba and Fujitsu, etc. We also provide some information regarding any damage issues that occur on your MacBook and you can fix these issues at home. So, here the question is How to Replace Asus U56E Laptop Screen?  Here we provide some steps that are the best way to replace your Asus screen issues.

Tools you can use:

  • Philips #000 Screwdriver
  • Philips #00 Screwdriver

The following steps of How To Replace Asus U56E Laptop Screen:

Step – 1


How To Replace Asus U56E Laptop Screen

  • Keep the laptop on a stable surface and just open and remove the battery. 
  • Gently remove the 3 Phillips #00 screws that support the back cover of the laptop.

Step – 2

How To Replace Asus U56E Laptop Screen

  • Just expose the laptop hard drive and RAM by removing the cover.
  • Remove the 8 small screws that hold the hard drive with the removing of hard drive cover.

Step – 3

How To Replace Asus U56E Laptop Screen

  • Then remove the hard drive by sliding left and lifting up.
  • Then gently remove the 4 Phillips #00 screws around the RAM.

Step – 4

Asus U56E Laptop Screen Issues

  • Gently remove the 10 Phillips #00 screws from the bottom of the laptop.
  • Then separate the rear plastic hinge cover.

Step – 5

Asus U56E Laptop Screen damage problems

  • Remove the 3 Phillips #000 screws from each side of the hinge by exposing the laptop hinge.
  • Just lift the keyboard to separate it from the laptop body.

Step – 6

Asus Screen problems

  • Just remove the display connector from the motherboard.
  • Then the screen is safely removed from the laptop.

Here, we provide complete information about the Replacement of the Asus U56E Laptop Screen. It helps you to fix the screen related issues at home. For more information visit our Youtube channel. But sometimes it is not easily resolved, in this case, don’t try to fix it at home. At, Laptop service center in Kolkata we can resolve any kind of Screen related issues at a very affordable cost. We always use the latest technology to repair or fix the problems. Images were taken from iFixit.

Why choose Laptop Service Center Kolkata?

  • Best certified and experienced engineers and technicians hired by the Laptop service center.
  • The latest techniques used by us.
  • Free pickup and delivery service.
  • Parts protection and parts warranty for secure service.
  • The great support team for all customer queries.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What Kind Of Precautions You Must Take During Asus U56E Laptop Screen Replacement?
  • The first and most important thing is you must use globes during this process.
  • Because your Laptop is a delicate device and globes protect it from bacteria, sweating or any other harmful components that is present on your hand.
  • Also, the rubber and plastic material is safe because it protects you from electric shock.
  • Also, gently use the tools like a spudger or screwdriver, so that your device is in better condition after replacement.
  1. What are the important tools needed in the Asus U56E Laptop Screen Replacement?

The important tools are:

  • Philips #000 Screwdriver
  • Philips #00 Screwdriver
  1. How To Tell If Asus U56E Laptop Screen Is Bad?

There are so many reasons that your Laptop becomes faulty like factory defect and extensive use, accidentally falls or spills, water damage, etc. And the signs of the bad screen are:

  • Blue or black-line errors
  • Display and graphics problems
  • Flickering screen
  • Touchpad issues
  • Fuzzy and blurry screen

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