How to Add RAM In Laptop

How to Add RAM In Laptop

Want to add ram don’t know how to do it. In this tutorial, I am going to show you How to Add Ram In Laptop.
Ram Replacement or adding or removing or upgrading Ram is a little bit critical thing.

[su_note note_color=”#F5E571″ text_color=”#333333″]Important things remember Before Doing A Ram Change

  • Check Ram Frequency
  • Ram Generation
  • Maximum Ram Supported by the Device


Step by step Process Of Ram Replace or Remove

How to Add RAM In Laptop

How to Add Dekstop Ram

Step1: Power down the computer.
Step2: Open the Cpu Cabinet
Step3: Remove existing RAM if there
Step4: Check how the RAM slots are laid out.
Step5: Install your RAM.
Step6: Boot up your operating system.
Step7: Verify that the RAM is recognized.

How to add laptop ram

How to Add Laptop Ram :

Step1: Turn off your laptop.
Step2: Remove multiple panels in order to access the RAM
Step3: Remove existing RAM
Step4: Install your new RAM. Insert at a 45-degree angle and then push down to secure.
Step5: Close the RAM panel.
Step6: Boot up your operating system
Step7: Verify that the RAM is recognized.

I hope this helps you understand how to Add Laptop or Dekstop Ram. If In case your unable to do the process by yourself,  You Can Call Us +91-9007198443 Or Visit Our Website. The Laptop Service Center In Kolkata. Do Like Us On Facebook.


1. Does Doing This Risk My Computer Becoming Unusable Or Other Permanent Damage?

Yes, Any work done on a computer has the potential to damage or destroy the device.

2. Add A New Ram To The Existing Ram In Order To Boost The Memory Of My Desktop Pc?

You will have to use the exact type of memory that came with your computer. Then it can boost your memory

3. Is Your Service Center Open On Sunday?

Yes, Our Repair Service Center Open On Sunday. We Always Think About Our Valuable Customers Because We All Know That Sunday Is Convenient For All

4. Do You Provide Ram Warranty?

Warranty On Replacement Parts Are Subject To Declaration Of The Manufacturer Company Provides Warranty On Selected Repair Job For Motherboard Repair. We Do Not Provide Repair On Cpu Section Repair, Burnt Laptops, Gpu Section Repair, Water Damage Repair, Etc. Given Warranty Can Be Void Under Certain Terms And Conditions.

5. How Much Time Do Laptop Repair Centres In Kolkata Take To Replace A Laptop Ram?

The Average Minimum Inspection Time Or Repair Time We Take Is 24 Hours. Because Our Engineers Or Technicians Take Some Time To Inspect Your Device In A Proper Manner. Sometimes The Repair Timing Or Replacement Timing Is Also Exceeds And It All Depends On Which Kinds Of Devices You Want To Repair Or Replace.

6. What Is The Average Cost To Replace A Laptop Ram?

The Cost Of Ram Is Vary According To Brands. Because We All Know That The Cost For Every Part Of Any Laptops Or Other Devices Are Different. But The Average Cost Of RamReplacement Starting From 2500 Rs.

7. Will They Charge Me For Ram Replacement If My Computer Is Under The Warranty Period?

Yes, Definitely. We, Will, Charge For Any Kind Of Repair Or Replacement Services Which Is Under Warranty Or Not. Because We Give You The New Ram For Your Laptops. Also In Case Of Other Repair Services, We Charge You Because We Are Not An Authorized Service Center But We Provide Best Quality Body Parts Or Repair Services In Kolkata.

8. Are You Provide The Original Laptop Ram?

Yes, We Provide The Oem Ram Or Other Parts For Any Kinds Of Laptops Or Other Devices.

10. Will I Lose My Data If I Replace My Laptop Ram?

No, Not At All. Because The Ram Does Not Contain Any Data. So, If You Replace The Ram From Us It Does Not Affect The Data On The Laptop.

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